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Critique Corner – Historical Fiction

I’ve recently teamed up with a fellow designer, and good friend, Cathy Helms, of Avalon Graphics to bring my favourite feature “Critique Corner” to the Discovering Diamonds Historical Fiction Review site. Where, once a month, we volunteer kind, expert, and constructive critiques to help our readers make the most of their cover designs. Since Discovering Diamonds began in 2017,…

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8 Tips for Working With a Book Designer. Volume IV

Welcome to our final installment of 8 Tips for working with (and finding) a book designer. Volume IV. To recap the tips from previous weeks:Tip #1 – Research your genre.Tip #2 – Research a cover designers style.Tip #3 – Get a personal recommendation.Tip #4 – Don’t let $$ be everything. Tip #5 – Get a…

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Tips on book interior design. Volume IV

This month I’ve been discussing the basics of formatting your book interior. Welcome to volume IV. As a recap of the last few weeks: Tip #1 – Match your half title and/or title page to your cover. Tip #2 – Check your document for Widows & Orphans. Tip #3 – Know the order in which…

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